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ShitExpress - This Shit is Real

Whether it’s an irritating braggart who needs a lesson in humility, an ex-wife that deserves the perfect...

By Alex / October 20, 2014

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Owl – Smartphone Meets Smart Light

With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can now enjoy everything from enhanced home security to a transformed...

By Steven / October 17, 2014

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SOOT - The Electropack That Charges Your Life

Every once in a while, a product comes along that is not merely an improvement on an existing design,...

By Steven / October 17, 2014

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iPlayboy, Access Every Issue Of Playboy Magazine

From the overexposed Kim Kardashian to the naughtily drawn boobage of Marge Simpson, perverts and “aficionados”...

By Alex / October 15, 2014

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Kevel Fly Tie – Making Your Pants Fit When You’re Not

It can be an epic struggle: you got your pants on, you even managed to get the zipper pulled almost all the way up…...

By Steven / October 9, 2014

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Go On An Elegant Cyclist’s Adventure with TerraVelo Tours. Private Chef Included

Which sounds like a better vacation to you: seven days spent bicycling through stunning landscapes and camping...

By Steven / October 8, 2014

LoopPay Chargecase

Pay without a credit card at 90% of the existing POS machines. How does this phone case work?
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Wet Shave Club Unboxed

In the age of subscription boxes, one can safely count on their life getting more convenient with a subscription...

By Cheng / October 8, 2014

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Madison Reed - Color Your Hair At Home With Expert Help

Most women want to have rich, vibrantly colored hair. Most women don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars...

By Steven / September 3, 2014

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BirchBox + CoolHunting Limited Box Review

Curated boxes are all the rage these days, and ostensibly for a good reason: it’s fun to get stuff...

By Steven / August 15, 2014

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