We all know that cellular phones produce radiation. You know that, right? Technically radiation is any emission of energy in the form of a wave, and thus those signals that your cellphone or whatever send out each time you talk, text, or email are indeed forms of radiation. What few if any people know conclusively is the extent of the potential health impacts from the radiation being emitted by our phones. Many scientists and health experts fear that men in particular are at risk of long-term and potentially serious health concerns based on phone radiation, primarily because of the standard proximity of phone to reproductive organs. If you’d like to reduce the chance of lowered sperm count and the potential increase likelihood of developing testicular cancer, then you need to either stop carrying your phone on your pocket, or start wearing speciality underwear designed to keep your boys safe from phone radiation. That’s where Spartan Underwear comes in. Their garments look like any other boxer brief style of underwear, yet are infused with fibers that reject up to 98% of cellphone radiation. Yet they feel just like standard underwear. Yes, Spartan boxer briefs cost about five times as much as standard underwear, but can you really put a price on the jewels?