If you’re interested in working out, one of the best proponents to getting into shape is having your own private fitness coach. But what if you don’t have a coach? Fitmo is an app specified in personalizing a workout schedule as well as serve as a messenger set on connecting fitness trainers with their clients. You can download Fitmo and scroll through the various available coaches on the app’s marketplace that best suit your lifestyle and exercises. Fitmo shows a profile description of each trainer along with their picture. Most exercise apps are impersonal in that they rely on individual end users to input and record data. Fitmo is set on changing that by having a direct line of real time monitoring, communication, and analytics that can be shared between the user and an assigned fitness trainer in order to meet workout goals.


Fitmo syncs up with already popular fitness trackers like Jawbone, Healthkit, and Fitbit, by gathering already inputted exercise plans and health data. The app then collects this information and stores it in a centralized dashboard that is viewable to both you and your fitness coach.

Coaches and users can leave messages with one another as well as video chat in order to best communicate better strategies and workout plans. Your coach can directly see your progress, like how many reps of sit-ups you did, or if you reached a benchmark.

Fitmo keeps a calendar called a “Health Plan” which is set up by your trainer and sent to you and other clients detailing each workout routine for each coming day. The Health Plan lists out what type of exercises (cardiovascular, weight training, etc.) your coach has assigned along with their durations, an accompanying how-to video, and the number of reps and sets. Coaches can assign point values and the level of difficulty for each individual exercise they list, as well as notes and other data in order to detail your routine.

Fitmo provides various clips of exercises fit for your workout routine once you start. The videos include a countdown timer set for each exercise that you wind up doing. After you’re done with one exercise, the app will move on to the next video and the process is repeated. You can give your coach feedback on your progress in whether or not you actually completed that exercise or even liked doing it.

If you happen to be a coach and want to be listed on Fitmo’s marketplace, you can apply on their website by sending in your e-mail for further instructions.

You can download Fitmo today in Apple’s App Store. A private coach will cost you about $40 a month.