Valet parking just entered the digital age thanks to CurbStand, a mobile app that lets you manage the entire valet parking process right from your phone. Except for the driving part, that is. The process is simple and, more importantly, cashless. Think of it as Uber for parking. You download the app and then pull up wherever there is a CurbStand valet location. Hand them the keys and they’ll hand you a ticket, which contains a number you punch into the app. When it’s nearing time to leave the dinner party/opera/hearing, you can use the CurbStand app to let the valet know you’re returning soon. They’ll have your car ready and waiting for you, and you can use the app to pay what you owe for the parking and even to add a tip.

CurbStand is planning to expand to multiple other cities around the United States in additional to a few cities it currently serves. and, eventually, according to their website, the world. (Although we foresee that Uber will eventually acquire it.) While most people don’t valet park their cars frequently enough to find it a regular hassle in need of a solution, anything that can make your life that much simpler and put a minute or two back in your day is worth a quick download.

As CurbStand adds more and more locations, especially in cities such as San Francisco, Boston, and New York, where looking for parking can be a truly harrowing experience, it could become a truly vital service.

CurbStand also represents yet one more step toward Americans functioning in a truly cashless world. Tipping your valet parking attendant is one of the last bastions requiring a few small bills. If we see digital payment for this and other related services catch on in a large-scale way, soon your wallet will become entirely obsolete.