It’s 2014, and your carrier is still trying to lure you into signing up a contract with them for every device you own. The concept of mobile, pay-as-you-go wireless internet access seems so intuitive it’s rather a surprise no company has successfully turned the concept into a functional reality heretofore. As communication continues to shift away from traditional platforms such as phone calls and text messages and ports over to new platforms, which offer more dynamic connectivity yet also require more data crunching power, the benefits of reliable and totally mobile internet access will only make themselves more apparent. While many mobile devices can be converted into a Wi-Fi hotspot like Mi-Fi – the perfect balance of pricing and availability pales in comparison to that of Karma, which we’ve been using it since April 2013. Now with Karma Go,  the LTE version of Karma Wi-Fi hotspot – everything is about to get even better.

Karma Go

Karma Go – just like its predecessor Karma – is a simple, sleek silver box with a single on/off button and ports for data and electric cables. Not a far depart from its original WiMax version, it has the same modest appearance belies the genuine power of this device, which in fact offers its user nothing short of strong and reliable mobile internet access. This is not a tool that piggybacks itself on your smartphone nor is it something you must plug into your laptop or tablet: the Karma Go sends out a genuinely robust wireless signal to which you can connect multiple devices simultaneously, all while maintaining an iPhone-alike skinny design. It fits perfectly in your pant/jeans’ pocket.

Think about what this tiny thing can do: The Karma Go untethers the modern mobile internet user from the wireless internet network offered by a client’s office; it frees the traveler from seeking out the free but slow (and often unsecured) internet of the coffee shop or the overpriced daily rate at the hotel. with earned free data. Yes, for those who don’t know, Karma encourages its users to share their hotspots with people nearby to earn free data.

From its inception, Karma has been offering this unique sharing program. [highlight type=”yellow”]Anyone that connects to your Karma WiFi Hotspot will receive 100MB data for free.[/highlight] It’s not coming off from your existing paid usage; Karma is offering it for free. On top of that, the hotspot owner (You!) will receive 100MB for free.

What’s more exciting from the announcement that Karma is upgrading to LTE is its expanded coverage offered by their partner, Sprint. With Karma Go, you really can connect to the web most anywhere. (We mean it. Our current WiMax performs very well but unfortunately has no coverage in the beachfront city of Santa Monica.) 

[quote]With Karma Go, You Are Your Own Wireless Hotspot[/quote]

Karma Go

If you run out of free data, Karma has you covered as well. Modeled off the more familiar concept of pay-as-you-go cellular phone plans, the Karma Go uses a prepaid package that costs just $14 per gigabyte of data. Comparing that figure with the average data plans accompanying bigger carriers will be proof enough of the value of this device. Unlike with traditional mobile device plans, however, pre-purchased data never expires, rolling over month-to-month without fail. Incentives such as the company’s referral program in additional to hotspot sharing, wherein those clients subscribing via a unique code provided by an acquaintance already using Karma can save $10, sweeten the deal a lot more in our eyes .

To celebrate its LTE launch, Karma is offering $50 off for all pre-orders until Oct 23rd for $99. You can order your Karma Go now and it will ship in December 2014. Your current Karma Wi-Fi Hotspot will continue to work until the end of 2015 when Sprint will phase out its WiMax service. In the meantime, you may want to hand the old one over to your friend for some extra karma.