In the old days, if you and a group of friends wanted to have a shared listening experience, you had to broadcast audio over a speaker, thereby subjecting anyone nearby to the same music, movies, or phone call you were enjoying whether they liked it or not. Thanks to the team from Wearhaus, those days are now a thing of the past. Multiple pairs of their Arc wireless headphones can be quickly and easily synchronized to work together, all playing the same audio streaming from one device at the same time. Not only can this create an enjoyable shared media experience, but it can also transform public environments into private workspaces. With Arcs on your ears, you and your team participate in a conference call without disturbing the rest of the patrons of a coffeeshop or the other passengers on a train, for example. The headsets feature easy on-board touch controls, and if the battery runs low while you’re still enjoying tunes or a call, you can always plug Arc in and keep the audio enjoyment going strong.