No one wants to find out that their spouse or significant other is cheating on them, but living in denial or in the grips of jealousy and bewilderment can be much worse. If you think your special someone is inviting someone else into your bed, then it’s time to put you bed to work spying on them. The Smarttress is created with a series of ultrasonic sensors spread throughout its interior that are designed to detect and record motion, especially the aggressive, repetitive motion that comes with the act of lovemaking. The bed and its sensors communicate with a partnered app to confirm that, yes indeed, sex is being had in your bed. If you’re not in said bed at said time, then you’ve got a problem. It’s the only device-app pairing that’s more effective in detecting infidelity than just opening a door… or just asking your partner for the truth.

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That’s Smarttress.