Originally designed for military aviation, the ‘Heads-up-Display’ has come to find numerous onboard applications in a wide variety of human-operated machines, from ships and automobiles to rifles and scuba gear. Indeed, the ever-prominent Google Glass has heralded the advent of wearable HUDs, which are growing more affordable every day. One sector, the world of sporting goods, has responded with particular enthusiasm to miniaturized HUD tech- a natural reaction to the promise of easy, real-time stats and enhanced situational awareness. All that jazz is now available to cyclists in the smallest package to date- the Varia Vision by Garmin. Unlike a large majority of HUDs targeted to cyclists, the Varia Vision is a small device that clips on to any pair of sunglasses, saving both dignity and peripheral vision (when compared with bulkier headgear-style HUDs). However, it is not a standalone device, requiring pairing with a Garmin Edge (or equivalent Garmin brand pocket-size GPS platform). Should one be fortunate enough to own both units, one is bestowed with a high degree of customizability in regard to which data is displayed and how it is arranged. Peripheral benefits (no pun intended) include vibration functionality, dynamic lighting for “readability in all conditions”, real-time approaching car alerts, weather-proofing and a solid eight hour battery life.