Using a MONQ is essentially like smoking a cigarette, except that instead of filling your bloodstream with nicotine, your lungs with tar, and potentially shortening your lifespan, instead you fill your olfactory system with the pleasant aroma of your chosen blend of essential oils, bringing a renewed sense of tranquility and restoration to yourself. So… it’s actually not that much like smoking. It’s more like vaping, in that the MONQ uses a tubular device featuring a built-in heating element and a reservoir that stores fluids it heats into a vapor. But again, instead of dumping nicotine into your body, instead MONQ simply fills your mouth and nose with a mist laden with essences such as lavender, ginger, lemon, and more. Each blend is created with a goal like to help you relax or be more active. You don’t inhale the mist into your lungs, but rather puff a bit into your mouth and then exhale it through your nose. The result is a potent and intimate experience with essential oils that a room diffuser could never provide. And as a MONQ fits right into your purse or pocket, you really can enjoy the many benefits of aromatherapy anywhere when you use one.

MONQ oil diffuser