A prominent trend of this day and age that everyone is certain to recognize is that of miniaturization. Everything- from cars to computer processors to the screens on which we consume our media – are getting smaller and more portable. Compactness, mobility and efficiency are the name of the game, and the CMYK 5.0 electric bike is yet another instance of the mini-paradigm. The CMYK series, designed by New York based Brooklyness Inc., is touted as the smallest folding bike on the market (when folded) and is designed with an emphasis on “urban mobility”, and every aspect is a hallmark of streamlined economization. The aluminum frame bike weighs a mere 37 pounds (31 pounds without battery) and is equipped with three levels of pedal-assist function: low, medium and high. The lithium-ion battery, which fully charges in 2.5 hours, has an impressive maximum range of 50 miles, and the bike’s LED console allows one to keep close track of remaining battery power. Indeed, the bike has a good bit of juice- the battery alone can propel users at a sprightly pace of up to 20 miles per hour, impressive considering the unit’s small size. When folded, the bike measures 26” x 24” x 16”, hardly wider than a pizza box and perfectly suited to microscopic Brooklyn apartments. There are several iterations of the CMYK series, the 5.0 being the latest and greatest in functionality and price; users on a budget may want to consider the 4.0 or 3.0. At the moment, the bike is not terribly customizable and comes in only three colors, but this is sure to change.