Few things can ruin a day of hiking, skiing, or sledding faster than soaked, cold feet. (Maybe a broken ankle or a bear attack, but those are less common, really.) But all too often we experience so-called waterproof boots failing to live up to their billing and growing sodden after too much time spent in the snow or slush. And of course any ordinary shoe is almost powerless to prevent water from seeping through in the rain or in the unfortunate event of an unseen puddle. That’s where your socks come in. If you’re wearing a pair of Crosspoint Waterproof socks from Showers Pass, your feet will stay dry in all these situations and more. Yes, these socks really are what many boots and shoes are not: they are waterproof. That’s thanks to the layer of Artex tucked between an exterior of synthetic knit fabric and an interior layer of genuine merino wool. These things look and feel like any other sock you have ever slipped onto your feet, but their creative design keeps your foot warm and dry even when the cold and wet are just a millimeter away.