From a distance, the Twicycle looks like a regular bike. But let’s be honest: up close, this thing looks kind of strange. That’s because in lieu of traditional handlebars, this bike has a pair of handles that rotate around an axis parallel to the cycle’s frame and which are connected to a gear perched above the front wheel. That’s right, this bike gets motive power from your arms! But it also features traditional pedals and gears that are operated by your feet. Thus the “twice” prefix in the name there, see? You can keep your Twicycle in motion using your arms, your feet, or both. These dual propulsion options allow you to go faster than you could with your legs alone and also help you to develop the muscles of your arms, shoulders, and back while enjoying the traditional lower body and cardiovascular exercise any bike affords its rider. Just be ready for an adjustment period as you get comfortable leaning against the chest rest and steering with handles that spin in circles.

Twicycle Aerial View