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What’s the worst thing about a loud, crowded dance club? Why all that loud dance music, of course! You didn’t come to the club to lose your hearing, right? And especially not to music you don’t even like! You came here to dance to the music you love. And when you go to an event by QuietEvents, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Their unique “Quiet Clubbing” events see dozens of dancers bumping and grinding  the night away… in ostensible silence.

Strange as it might appear at first glance, there are a few things to be said in support of this Quiet Clubbing thing. First, by pumping music through headphones rather than speakers, almost any location can be turned into a venue. From a subway car to a rooftop to a private residence, something akin to the experience of a noisy, raucous club can be created without risking noise ordinance violation and/or eviction. (Or just really angry neighbors.)

Second, most Quiet Events see more than one DJ spinning tracks, so you can choose which music you listen to, sharing the dance club experience along with lots of people each while enjoying the music you personally prefer. In fact most of these events feature no fewer than three DJs, and you can tell which music someone is listening to by the colored light shining on their headphones – match music/colors to dance together or pick your favorite DJ and do your thing.

Third, if you and your friends want to take a second to just hang out and talk, you can simply pull of your headphones… and like magic, you can hear! Usually clubs are so noisy you have to either scream or step outside just to communicate, but a Quiet Event is… quiet!

Quiet Clubbing Quiet Events

And then there’s a fringe benefit: when you’re headphones are off and you’ve stepped out of the gyrating fray, watching a bunch of people dancing (and singing) along to music no one else can hear looks hilarious. Imagine a large mass of people in which some are grooving to R&B, others freaking out to grinding punk music, and still more dancing to pop hits – hilarity indeed!

You can check the calendar to see when the next Quiet Clubbing event is happening nearby, or you can also book your own unique Quiet Event and level up your next wedding, birthday party, flash mob, or bar mitzvah – why not bring the party to you; it’s not like you’re going to disturb anyone with your noisiness!


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