Most men wear tuxedos only once or twice a year. That’s why they tend to rent them instead of own them. So why do you own a four hundred dollar paddle board, a seven hundred dollar pair of skis, a nine hundred dollar mountain bike if you actually only hit the waves, hills, or the slopes a few times a year? When you rent outdoor sporting, camping, and trekking gear through Zent, you get access to an amazing array of such gear from some of the world’s premier brands on a rental basis. For example, you can rent a rather complete camping gear kit, complete with a backpack, a hatchet, a blanket, kindling, and more for less then twenty dollars a day. Or you could spend twenty bucks on buying the hatchet alone (and get a pretty shoddy hatchet for that price, too, by the way). If you’re an avid camper, golfer, surfer, and so forth, then chances are good that Zent is not the right service for you. If you’re an occasional weekend warrior, then save your cash and savor your experiences nonetheless by renting with Zent.

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