Occasionally, when shopping, one is struck by “fit at first sight” – a garment leaps off the rack declaring itself as your perfect match, which it proves to be in both pattern and proportion. Unfortunately, the more one’s body deviates from  the norm, the rarer this experience is- until today. ‘Proper Cloth‘, the proudly-titled “highest-rated custom shirtmaker on Yelp and Google, has earned some bragging rights.
The New York based company, started in 2008, is an online bespoke-tailor with a streamlined interface which allows for a high degree of user customization. Proper Cloth is distinguished from other online tailors by its tech-first, Silicon Valley-esque party line: “Our size algorithms are optimized with data from thousands of clients. As engineers, we bring a statistical, algorithmic approach to fit that is rare in the industry. Whether you choose to measure your body, measure a shirt or just answer our smart sizes survey, be confident that your first shirt will fit very close to perfectly.” Who can argue with the steely eye of science? Besides the matter of fitting (yes, there is a ‘perfect-fit’ guarantee), one can choose from a vast array of patterns, colors, buttons, collars, etc. on over four hundred types of fabric, with shirts arriving in about two weeks.