Don’t let that simple white planter fool you: a Bioo Lite Plantpot is a highly complex system masquerading behind elegant simplicity. Yes, your part of the equation is simple. All you need to do is select a nice houseplant, stick it in the pot, water it from time to time, and use the planter’s USB connection to charge your phone as many as three times a day, but there’s nothing  simple about what’s happening within. You Bioo Lite planter features biological and chemical hybrid cells that, when nourished with the byproducts of photosynthesis, undergo reactions that create water and electricity. In fact, they create enough of an electrical charge to power up your phone or other compact device. Depending on the conditions, with factors such as light, temperature, and hydration all optimized, Bioo can create up to 40 watts of usable energy. And houseplants even look lovely, as a fringe benefit.